Visiting Saint John Cantius Church

Saint John Cantius Church can be found in the Archdiocese of Chicago. This church continuously helps numerous people to discover the in-depth Sacred by having solemn devotions and liturgies, liturgical music, and sacred art. Saint John Cantius Church is one of the historic churches and an example of a city’s sacred architecture. This can be visited through subway, bus, or car – as easy as that because it was built in the center of Chicago.

Getting to Know the Saint John Cantius Church

Saint John Cantius Church was designed by one of the best designers, Adolphus Druiding. It took 5 long years to completely build the Saint John Cantius Church – in the year of 1898 to be exact. This church also offers classes in Greek, Latin, catechetics, Catholic culture, church heritage, and religious education.

Corpus Cristi

this picture shows saint john cantius church corpus cristi

Corpus Cristi is a feast help in Saint John Cantius Church, which is also you need to include in your must need a to-do list. It is a solemn mass wherein incense along with flowers are both prepared all throughout the Blessed Sacrament’s way.

Chamber Music Concert

The chamber music concert is led by Estampe Trio, a group from the Midwest area. This concert is named as “Desiring His Presence.” In this chamber music concert, some music will be featured including Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Halvorson, and Schoenfield. This concert is open to everyone – from children to adults.

3-day Pilgrimage

Saint John Cantius Church also offers 3-day pilgrimage to La Crosse, Wisconsin, specifically in Our Lady of Guadalupe. The mass will be lead by Father Dennis Kolinski and he will also be your chaplain. This 3-day pilgrimage cost $550 each person. If you want to avail a single room, you have to add $100. However, the fee of $500 includes hotel accommodation for two nights, transportation, and meals.

this image shows saint john cantius church pilgrimage image of jesus

Our Lady of the Broken

Thousands of people join the walk and candlelight procession headed to CWT or Chicago Water Tower with the Our Lady of the Broken. Our Lady of the Broken was founded by Kevin Matthews, a radio personality in Chicago. Don’t miss the experience of hearing and witnessing the stories of hope as well as healing.

Celebrating 125 Years

As Saint John Cantius Church celebrates their 125th Anniversary, they will be having their Gala Dinner on October 20, which is also known as the feast of Saint John Cantius.

Saint John Cantius Church is one-of-a-kind and a must visit place in Chicago. It has a beautiful and amazing architecture as well as an overwhelming history.